Biking Your Way To Adventure


Being adventurous is a quality that everyone would like to have. When you take a risk, you develop characteristics that you thought you never really had. I think it’s important to be an adventurous person who is open to different things, of course within halal boundaries ;).

For example, biking is not only a great way to enjoy the outdoors but it’s a way to get exercise, de-stress and enjoy the beautiful ni’mahs(blessings) of Allah subhanahu wa ta ‘ala (exalted is He). It’s also a great way to relax and get a chance to clear the mind. Being at your office, school, and home all day can take a toll on a person spiritually and physically and it’s important to lighten the burden in order to come back refreshed better than ever.  It is also a perfect time to be reminded of the many beauties that Allah SWT has bestowed upon us. 

For example, while you’re biking your perception of nature can be easily changed to simple pondering on how much beauty Allah subhanahu wa ta ‘ala (exalted is He)  has put in it. You can also turn on your iPod and listen to some Quran.

Sometimes when you are exercising you get tired of the same old routine that you have. I regularly do exercise videos for my workout routines. The problem is if I am stuck inside exercising, I can get easily distracted when I see the beautiful and glorious sun come out. Soon my mind is going to tell me that I am missing out on the awesome weather. If I buy a bike I can combine these two activities and it shall be an utmost delightful experience. Cheerio!

I live in California so you can imagine that there is plenty of different scenery when riding on a bike. Just within my own neighborhood we are located in the end of the city where on the other side; there are a lot of rural lands. I consider it a beautiful juxtaposition for biking.

This spring/summer I plan on being adventurous and enjoying the weather in a whole new way InshaAllah.  There are many different ways to have an adventure of your very own. Think of an activity that you haven’t done, and take the risk to do it.

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