Excerpts from “Pondering over the Quran”


When I heard one of my favorite lecturers on the Qur’an recommend Pondering over the Quran for further study I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.  I ordered the first volume online and started reading it just a couple of weeks ago.  I will post excerpts from it from time to time as they are beneficial and keep our relationship with Allah’s Book alive.

Taken from Pg 112.

“For any thing to leave an impact on the human being, its natural power and effect alone are not enough.  It is necessary that the person to whom it is directed should also have the capacity to receive and absorb it —to be influenced by it.  However brightly the sun shines it is useless for the blind, while the sweet warbling of a nightingale brings no joy to the stone deaf.  Such people cannot see, hear or appreciate the beauty of sight and the sweetness of sound.  Similarly, it is true that the Qur’an is light, guidance and a source of impeccable truth and wisdom, but if a person has lost his faculty to see and hear, to understand and appreciate, then he will not be able to benefit from its light and guidance.  The Qur’an is of little avail to such morally blind and deaf people. “

Pg. 113.

“A book like the Qur’an could not be of interest to thoughtless, degenerate men and women.  Only the good and the virtuous and those with some sense of decency and reason could find it of interest.”

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