What the Eyes See

About 99% of United States households own a television and on average most Americans households have more than one television.  I grew up with a television in my household and I can personally attest to the negative effects of it.  However, I never had a reason to get rid of it until that is I started to learn more about the Deen (religion).  That knowledge opened my eyes and enabled my intellect to analyze the activities/hobbies in my life and ask the question: “is this beneficial to me either in this life or the next.”

After a critical analysis and after observing the effect it had on me, I decided that after I got married, I would not have this distraction in my house.  A decision that I have yet to regret, since I have been TV free for about two years and both my husband and I love it.  In this article I want to talk about the effects it did have on my life, the reasons I got rid of it, and how anyone reading this should consider doing the same.

The negative effects of Television on anyone have been well documented from it wasting a person’s time to it making someone act violent.  The effect of TV on a Muslim can result in one losing his/her Islam.  What I think TV does is it brainwashes you and tells you how to think about certain situations.  It teaches girls to wait for a surreal “prince charming” and it teaches boys that girls like “bad guys” thereby causing them to become violent.  To a Muslim it basically attacks their Islam.  TV is a weapon of the shaytan and is used by the shaytan to distract the Muslim so much so that in some cases the Muslim loses the most important thing to him: his faith. The television attacks almost every value that a Muslim holds dear.  It teaches one to disrespect parents, it teaches that God has no place in our lives, it teaches that the only way to find a life partner is to date and date many people before finding ‘the one.’

I pesonally looked up to the people on TV, they were my role models (astagfurullah–May Allah forgive me).  Whatever they did I wanted to do.  Instead of learning my deen I would spend countless hours on watching and keeping up with the latest shows.  I added drama to my life when none existed and worst it allowed me to stay close to the dunya (this life) and not think about the akhira (the next life) and not think about what my life’s purpose was.

I realized what the TV was doing when I started to learn my deen.  I looked back at the countless hours wasted to pursue nothing worth pursuing.  I gave up watching it and got the ability to think for myself back.  I was no longer brainwashed by the shaytan constantly.  I could look at a situation and think about it in a manner in which the Prophet Muhammadصلى الله عليه و سلم taught us to think about it rather than thinking about it the way shatyan er–TV taught me to think about it.

Now I have people who ask me why I don’t have a TV in the house and many insinuate on how I am missing out on “life” by not having it.  I think to myself, ‘What am I missing out on?’ Am I missing out on the latest fashion? On who did what with whom on what show? On the shaytan telling me what values I should uphold and what I should give up?  Or am I missing out on wasting my time??…Time that is now used for more beneficial things such as : cooking, exercise, reading, writing, or learning a new hobby like biking.  I have time now to really listen to my family without being distracted by what I am watching.  And I can read what is going on around the world instead of watching it in a dramatic fashion on TV.

The best thing I have to look forward to is how my son will inshallah (God wiling) turn out without the constant influence of this shatyanic weapon.  It makes me giddy inside to know that he will not be affected as much as I was by the television and that as a result of it he could accomplish many things, things well before he even hits his twenties.  Subhanllah! (Glory be to Allah).

If you are someone considering getting rid of the TV, I implore you to just do it and you will be much more peaceful and happier as a result inshallah (God-willing).

7 thoughts on “What the Eyes See

  1. Saleha H. says:

    Encouraging article! I think that some people might be reading and thinking this isn’t them, but no matter what show you watch, the producers/directors/creators are only making it for one reason: $$$. This is business for them. Sesame street actually had a singer celebrity on their show dressed inappropriately. I thought at least the kid shows had it right, but no matter what people or parents may think. No tv company has any type of question of whether or not this show is teaching me good values when money/profit is all they see.
    If some show is funny and you want to see it for a good laugh, you also gotta change it when it gets ‘inappropriate’. what is the point anymore? almost EVERY show will have it, because they gotta get their profit in somehow, someway.

    If we want to fall in that trap, only we will get hurt in the end. Before it was actual shows, now it’s filled more with reality tv shows which are more fake than ‘real’. The worst part about these shows is that more and more people want to be like them, because they think , hey this is reality tv, actual people do this and they’re cool, so i should do this too.

    It’s not just tv shows for girls either, there’s plenty that are geared towards young guys and they are just learning how to be more arrogant as life goes. What kind of role models do we get from these people, whose real lives are messed up, drug abused, 3 divorces, and suicidal? Nothing.

    I think there are some shows that teach good values but they are not even 1% of the rest of the shows the channels have.

    • Saba H. says:

      I agree Saleha it is all about the money.
      Even if it corrupts people’s brains and makes them into zombies…it doesn’t matter as long as it makes money.

  2. just me says:

    i love this! it’s so true. I also have no t.v. and once someone at the door came wanting to sell high speed internet with cable and he asked about my t.v. and I said i don’t have it and I saw him peering his head around to check while asking me “you don’t have a t.v.?” and then when he was unsuccessful in locating any lie in my statement he left. I have to say it wards off inner and outer evil. people do often believe it’s not for them but I believe those individuals are just too glued to the t.v. to realize it. 🙂

  3. Nayma says:

    Yes sister I agree totally with you. It will simple amaze you how your kids will find creative ways to fill up their time with no tv. It fills one with amazement and wonder. How blessed we are. May Allah also make them realize how blessed they are for not having it in their lives.

  4. Aneela says:

    Nice article.
    Studies have shown that people who watch too much tv have restless sleep.
    i HATE tv, it has no benefits.

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