Our True Liberation

Written by our guest author, Usma Chaudhry, writer of her blog, “What Path”,  found here.


So why are the Muslim Women the only ones that need to be liberated? Is it because they are the last ones remaining who still choose to cover themselves up? Is it because that while all the other women are conforming to popular wishes and are undressing, the Muslim Women chooses to instead conform to her Lord’s wishes and cover up? That when she wears the scarf it is a symbol of how man has no power over her, and that she in fact is truly free?
They wouldn’t want the rest of the female population to get any ideas, so they bang on drums and say that Muslim Women are oppressed and must be freed. Because no one in their right mind would want to cover up, right? Ever notice how it’s mostly old men banging on these drums and yelling these sorts of things? Ever notice how it’s mostly the young women they want to “liberate”?

Think for yourself. Who has the true liberation?

4 thoughts on “Our True Liberation

  1. Sana H. says:

    MASHA ALLAH !! I loved this article and you said it all with barely any words! Subhanallah! gets a person thinking outside the box

    • Usma says:

      Wow JazakAllah Khair for all the kind comments,I love it! InshAllah I do plan on writing soon once I get the chance. And MashAllah I love reading your blog my Hashmat sisters, you all have talent as well. Alhumdulilah Allah(swt) has given us a way to use our talents for the better.

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