Hypocrisy at its Best

It’s very sad to see how much hate is spreading due to ignorance and propaganda against Muslims. The fact that Rep. Peter King had a hearing to promote this Red Scare is even worse for the Muslim community living in the U.S. King says that homegrown terrorism is on the rise and US Muslims are not doing enough to stop it.

An important fact to note is that Peter King himself has been a major advocate of the Irish Republic Army, which the U.S and British governments have labeled a terrorist organization. When asked about what his response to people calling King’s actions hypocritical, he states that those people are simply “uninformed”. To really explain his thinking towards his support for the IRA and his calling for all Muslims to do more to denounce terrorist in the U.S, John Oliver from the Daily Show explains it best: http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/thu-march-10-2011/radical-muslim-hearings—ira-terrorism

“Wow, it’s not enough for Muslims to be law abiding. To avoid congressional investigation, they have to be actively stopping terror plots. Oh my god, wait until they find out I’ve done nothing to stop the West Bank Settlements.” -Jon Stewart

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