The Best Gifts

Our guest author, Usma Chaudhry, writer of the blog, “What Path”,  has contributed yet again with this powerful passage. Enjoy reading!

I was waiting to eat dinner, when the athan started playing from the computer. As I sat there listening, I started thinking how the first person to make the call for prayer was Bilal ibn Rabah (radiAllah anhu). He was an African slave who was almost crushed to death by his master because he (radiAllah anhu) had accepted Islam.

Would we be able to endure that type of torture for the sake of Allah(swt)?

We may say “yes” now because we know there is no danger of that happening to us, but to actually be in that position is a different story.
Bilal (ra) may have went through all that difficulty but he has been paid back by Allah(swt) very well. He doesn’t just get the reward for every athan that is ever made but he (ra) also gets the reward for every person that prays due to hearing the athan. SubhanAllah, my Rabb gives the best gifts!

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