The Return of the Book Worm 2.0!

     The beginning of my love for books started in 2nd grade.  I can remember a time when my sisters and I would bring home about 20 books to read from the library. As I entered high school, my love of reading began to take a backseat to other priorities. There were so many textbooks and “required readings” for the summer for my A.P. classes that I felt like there was not enough time for me to read what I wanted . Continuing with this pattern, once I entered college, I still felt as if I did not have enough time to read what I wanted. Now I realize that these were all just excuses and that if I had filled my facets of wasted time with reading then I would not be complaining about not having enough time to read. In an effort to be more productive and to make the most of my time, I have decided to make a goal of reading more often. I remember Shakyh Waleed Basyouni telling everyone in IlmSummit 2010 about the importance of reading for a student of knowledge and giving us various tips and resources on speed reading, how reading helps strengthens your memory, and how it is an important skill to develop in life. I am hoping to read a mixture of Islamic, Business-Oriented, Biographies, and Fiction books . Here is my list of books I plan on reading, feel free to suggest more books in the comment boxes below.

1. Book of Eman (according to the classical works of Shaikhul-Islam Ibn Taymiyah) by Dr. Muhammad Naim Yasin

2. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff and It’s all Small Stuff by Richard Carlson (recommended to me by Saba H.)

3. Boy Vs. Girl by Nai’ma B. Roberts

4. From Somalia with Love by Nai’ma B. Roberts

5. Tangled Webs: How false statements are undermining America: from Martha Stewart to Bernie Madoff by James B. Stewart

6. Skillful Means Patterns for Success by Tarthang Tulku

7. The Quran: Saheeh International: Arabic Text with Corresponding English meanings 🙂

8. 80% of Qur’anic Words : Classified Words’ List for Easy Memorization by Dr. Abdul Aziz Abdul Raheem

9. Graded Steps in Quran Reading: Student’s Edition (Uthmani Script) by AbdulWahid Hamid

10. Tajweed Untangled (Learning Roots Clear Cut Guide to Learning the Art of Quranic Recitation)

3 thoughts on “The Return of the Book Worm 2.0!

  1. Saba H. says:

    Oh wow this looks like a good list for the summer. I will steal some of your books to read! hahaha. Jaks for the reminder that it is an important skill to develop especially when one has to take standardized tests…(hint hint).

  2. just me says:

    i love this list masha Allah! very good read….i also read that to be productive you should read something everyday…no matter what it is. read read read

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