The Bridge


It feels like it was just yesterday. After all, it was just yesterday that we all stood before You. We stood and the depths of each of our souls felt Your presence so near. We acknowledged Your everlasting existence and accepted You as our Lord. We stood extracted from our father, of what would be of us in the coming years. But without a doubt we stood, before You and all humans.

You erased the memory from our minds but in no way did You erase the feeling deep in our hearts. Each of Us felt the truth running deep within our blood, pulsating into our veins, and beating with our every heartbeat. But so many of us forgot. We forgot that this very heart is only beating because of You. We’ve gotten so lost in the busy life that we live today that we neglect to reflect on yesterday. Yesterday was more real than today. It is equally as real as the tomorrow we are all waiting for. Our life of today is very short in length when compared to our life tomorrow.

No matter where my life will take me, I want to use today as an opportunity to continue to believe in only You as my Lord. Whether the whole world is with me or against me, it is nothing in comparison to You being on my side. I devote my heart in believing in You and I devote my limbs in fulfilling your covenant. I seek your mercy and forgiveness for every time I have forgotten You and remembered only my vain desires. I seek in You the fulfillment I long for and the contentment that my hearts craves. With You, nothing is impossible. Without You, I’m all alone.

I seek to make my today connect directly with the statements I made to You yesterday, in hopes that You accept and allow me to join Your beautiful company once again tomorrow. We will once again stand before you tomorrow. But many of us with a regretful past, and many with a grievous future. Tomorrow is real. It’s not far away. The difference with tomorrow is that it’s Forever.

4 thoughts on “The Bridge

  1. Aziza says:

    Stumbled along your blog and I must say I really enjoy it! And this piece is beautiful. 🙂 What an excellent reminder for all of us. May Allah help us all to fulfill the covenant of yesterday so that we may have a beautiful tomorrow when we meet Him once again.

    • Sana H. says:

      Ameen! JazakiAllahu Khair sister!

      Hope you benefit from the blog and make dua for us as we will for you insha Allah.

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