Dear Readers


I apologize for the delay in writing. Sometimes, not only does one get writer’s block, but ones gets stuck in an attempt to further the soul’s connection to its Creator. We all sometimes get stuck at the crossroads of the easy life, one lived to our whims and desires, and the right life, one lived bowed humbly to our Perfect Lord. We become stuck between our limbs desiring nothing but to bow in awe and obedience to our Merciful Lord and our heart that can be swayed by the temporary glitter of this life. We lose our focus. We fall. We go about life in a mundane way and truly forget to also live and breath with our heart and soul.
As hard as it seems to get back up from our fall, it is imperative that we do not allow life and all of its opportunities to pass us while we are in our reclining position. The feeling of despair and the need to be lifted should be enough motivation to get our toes moving towards Allah subhanahu wa ta ‘ala (exalted is He). Afterall, it is Allah (swt) that says to all of the children of Adam (A), as He (swt) speaks to you and I dearly, He vows that if we walk to Him, He shall run to us. If we run to Him, He will sprint to us. If we reach our hand out to Him, He will reach out an arm’s length. Who else in your life has kept firm on a promise like this?

When we feel down, we call a friend. Sometimes we reach them and sometimes we get the voice mail. Sometimes if we reach them, they don’t understand our situation, no matter how sympathetic they may be. They can’t see the things inside our minds and can’t fully comprehend the depths of the ocean of our hearts. The One and Eternal who had been watching as you fell into despair was not called. If you have the Perfect Rabb as your Protector and as the source of your reliance and peace, how long will your despair last? Allah is here for you and I. We need to begin with the first step. We need to feel the depth of our own wrong. We cannot wrong Allah, we only wrong our own souls by reducing our connection with Him. Without Allah, we have no air to breath. The space in our chest can’t last even for a second. He gives us the very air to live. He gives us water for drinking and fruits growing beautifully on trees for our hunger and satisfaction. We go day in and day out forgetting all that can be seen with our eyes is His amazing work, including the very capability to see. It is through His miracle that birds and planes alike can be suspended between the heavens and the earth. There is no live connection holding them up except the power of Allah. Yet we forget. We remember some but we forget much. There is another blessing He have us that we forget. A beautiful remedy to help us to remember and ponder.

Allah himself spoke to each and every one of us and there is the most accurate record of every single word of Allah in the Quran. We must not forget and abandon this amazing Book. The Book that was relevant 1400 years ago, is relevant today, and will be relevant til the end of time. This is the way we find our way to Allah (swt). The Quran teaches us that as humans and children of Adam alayhis salam (peace be upon him) we WILL make mistakes. But the best out of us imperfect human beings are the ones who repent. Repenting will help ease our heart and humble us before Allah. His enlightening Book will lead us to a life where we hold firm in faith in Allah (swt) to guide us through the journey of life. When we take a road trip to a specific destination, we see things along the way that may excite us. We may get bored or even fall asleep through half of our trip. But no where during our trip do we get out of our cars when we see a good place and decide to buy a house there. When we know we must continue, it would be illogical to think about retreating. Life is the same way. Our destination is not that degree or getting married and having children or even the house we want to buy. Our destination will always be Allah (swt). The day will come when Allah (swt) will ask each of us about our life and we will not be able to deny it. We won’t deny our life to Him on that Day the way we deny it now on earth. On that day will Allah (swt) accept us into His home? Or will He kick us out the way we sometimes leave Him out of our lives? Why take a risk so big to lose a position so grand? The life of this world is temporary. The life of the hereafter, is forever.

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