A Letter For You

Asalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah,

To proceed,

Whoever contemplates death frequently speaks little, while he who knows that death is certain is satisfied with a little.

O people, you were not created in vain, nor will you be left to yourselves. Rather, you will return to a place in which Allah will descend, in order to judge among you and distinguish between you. Destitute and last are those who forsake the All-Encompassing Mercy of Allah. They will be excluded from Paradise: the borders of which are as wide as the heavens and the earth. Do you not know that protection tomorrow will be limited to those who feared Allah today: that it will be for those who aid something ephemeral for something permanent, something small for something great, and fear for protection? Do you not realize that you are the descendants of those who have perished, that those who remain will take their place after you, and that this will continue until you are all returned to Allah? Every day you dispatch to Allah, at all times of the day, someone who has died, his term having come to an end. You bury him in a crack in the earth and then leave him without a pillow or a bed. He has parted from his loved ones, severed his connections with the living, and taken up residence in the earth, wherepon he comes face to face with the Accounting. He is mortgaged to his deeds. He needs his accomplishments, but not the material things he left on earth.

Therefore, fear Allah before death descends and your appointed time expires. I swear by Allah that I say those words to you knowing that I, myself, have committed more sins than any of you; I, therefore, ask Allah for forgiveness and I repent to Him.

Furthermore, he who acts without knowledge causes more corruption than good, and he who does not consider his speech to be part of his actions, sins repeatedly. Satisfaction is scarce, and the true believer should rely on patience. Allah never bestowed a blessing upon one of His servants, and then took it away from him, without giving him patience in return, and the replacement was better than what was taken away from him: “Surely the patient will be paid their wages in full, without reckoning.”


‘Umar ibn ‘Abdil Azeez

*This is taken from the advices of ‘Umar ibn ‘Abdil Azeez addressed to the Muslim Ummah. As part of this Ummah, it has been addressed to you.

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