Ramadan Mubarak!

As I recall the story of our Beloved Prophet (SAW) and the deaths of two of the most closest people to him, I am reminded of the reason that year was called the year of grief. Our Prophet (SAW), someone so purely gentle, lost his loving and loyal wife Khadijah (R). He lost the woman he ran to for comfort after being terrified of his first encounter with Angel Jibreel (A). He lost the woman who instead of sitting depressed alongside her husband, gave him strength by reminding him, “Allah will not forsake you.” He lost his love, his security, and the mother of his children.


Within a short span of time from a wound still fresh, he was afflicted with another tragedy, the death of his uncle Abu Talib. This man was his security outside his home, without whim he would never be safe to practice the true religion of Allah. He grew up with his uncle and spent such a long part of his life with him, but he lost him to the blazing fire below his feet. To lose a close family member, one is always worried about their afterlife. One hopes and prays for their forgiveness for the one they lost. But our dear Prophet (SAW) wasn’t uncertain because he knew his uncle died a disbeliever. And this was a bigger loss.

With pain still fresh in his heart, he sought aid and protection from a community in Ta’if, but instead of being politely turned down, he was ridiculed out and made the target of a children’s game. Out of amusement they threw rocks that left his blood dripping in the burning sand. With angels ready to turn the city upside down for its audacity, our Prophet (SAW) uttered words of forgiveness! Words harboring no anger or ill feelings but holding mercy and hope.


No matter, the pain of these three tragedies held a place in his heart. So Allah (SWT) has said, ” Verily, after hardship comes ease .” And truly after hardship comes ease. Our Prophet (SAW) was given a luxurious gift from Allah (SWT) above of Isra wal Mira’aj. A consolation from our Creator (SWT) specially designed to remedy an aching heart. A ride through the heavens, meetings with prophets before him (SAW) and the best gift of all, prayers for him and us until the end of time.

Today we live in a time where we stress out of control very quickly. We have lost our sense of patience and cannot allow  for a change of events to ruin our day. We harbor negativity about others and in turn, we harbor negative thoughts about Allah (SWT). We aren’t content simply because we aren’t linked with our true nature the way our Prophet (SAW) was linked with his. We are destined to be in a constant state of change. But the one thing that we can take into our own hands is the way we rely on Allah (SWT) for anything and everything. We can truly believe after seeing all of these realities and experiencing some miracles ourselves. We can truly believe, if we are good to others, good to ourselves, and good to Allah (SWT), Allah (SWT) will never forsake us! We can always find in Him (SWT) our peace and security. Whether we think we can’t handle all the changes coming so quickly, or whether we’ve been waiting for so long for an answer to our du’as, there is no doubt Allah (SWT) is there listening, watching and ready for us. All we have to do is truly believe. We have to believe that this is the same Creator who consoled our Beloved Prophet (SAW) with such a magnificent gift. This is the same Merciful Creator who has been there for us while we were not yet aware of our own selves. And He (SWT) will continue to provide and guide us until the last day. But we must do our part and acknowledge Him (SWT). We must acknowledge His work in everything we see around us. We must acknowledge that it is not Him who has forgotten us but us who have forgotten Him. We have forgotten that He has promised reward to the patient, aid to the oppressed and judgement to all. And we can take comfort in knowing that when all feels lost and the world is just unfair, Allah (SWT) isn’t. You may feel that everything is just not going as planned but know Allah (SWT) is the best of planners and His plan is the only plan and when we open our eyes, we can see that it is the best plan.

We should take solace in knowing that Allah (SWT) gave us prayers as our gift to remember Him, thank Him, praise Him and so much more. Beyond all this He gave us something so great to always use as an aid for our aching heart, the Qur’an. Read it, listen to it, memorize it, use it, follow it. As if this wasn’t enough to dry our tears, Allah (SWT) has promised us year after year a month known as Ramadan when the doors of heaven will be opened and mercy will be felt down to earth. When the devils will be chained to give us even more relief. And in this month Allah (SWT) will insha’Allah give us a night. The night of power will be better than a thousand months. A night where angels surround us and mercy is filled until the morning. So my fellow muslims, rejoice! Be content, for Allah (SWT) has not forsaken us! May we all live to see Ramadan and make it the best one yet! Ameen!

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