Hope, Fear, and Love

People are encouraged to follow Islam through 3 main feelings: Hope, Fear, and Love. 

There are some verses in the Quran that talk about how beautiful Jannah is, how much happiness you will find there, how you will never feel a second of bad feelings in your heart. This makes you want to seek that, to try your best to attain Jannah. This is hope.

There are other verses in the Quran that detail how harsh the Hellfire is, what happens to your body in the grave if you disobey, how badly you will regret your sins if you disobey. This makes you want to seek forgiveness, and try your best to avoid doing these sins. This is Fear.

Finally, there are those Names of Allah that you will learn about, that describe Who your Lord really is. What characteristics He has that makes him the Almighty, and the All-forgiving. Through this, you will be in awe of how He really is with His servants. Through finding those little blessings in your life, you will begin to appreciate Him. This is love.

Your heart is like a bird. One wing is Hope. The other wing is Fear. The head of the bird, is Love. (Ibn Al-Qayyim, Madarij al-Salikin)

Love is the most important thing you can teach someone if you want them to follow the right path. Fear and Hope will just assist that Love and help to maintain a balance, but Love is the ultimate factor that pushes them towards the right direction, and that initiates the wings of Hope and Fear to keep on flying.

Have hope in what your Lord has promised you if you try your best to do Good. Have fear in those punishments he has promised the disobedient, and try your best to refrain from bad. But most importantly, Love your Creator for Who He is, for what He has done for you, and what He has provided you with. That will carry you through the skies, and ensure your journey to the best path. 

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