The Loss of a Dear Loved One


Writing has been on my mind a lot. But the topics seem to be jumbled up. Lately I’ve been trying to discuss my focus on a positive lifestyle but haven’t quite figured out the way to go about it. Writer’s block I guess. Then I hear the news. The sad news. Of the death of my uncle. My uncle with no real health issues. The father of the cousins who made my childhood so memorable. The shock has been so real and I’m utterly speechless as to what this is.
To Allah we belong and to him we will return. That sounds perfect. My heavy heart finds rest in Allah’s words. Allah is the only eternal one, free of any needs. After the solace of Allah’s words, is just the natural sadness of the loss. The loss of this great man with a heart warming smile that was always on his face. The wonderfully sweet manners. I feel sorry for my cousins. My aunt. Everyone close to him who will feel his absence way more than me. And I pray Allah gives them ease during this hard time.
I am also reminded of the reality of death. How sudden it can be. How life is going normally one day until it’s not going at all. It’s stopped. The only thing that really matters is how we behave in between life and death. If after we forget, we remember. If after we hurt, we apologize. If after we wrong, we right. If after we sin, we repent.
I hope his image of me was anything close to what my image of him was. Because to me he was a great and loving man. May Allah give him ease in the grave and give him ease on the day of judgement. May Allah give him jannatul firdous without hisab. May Allah give his whole family ease. May Allah guide us all and make us all among those whom He loves. Ameen

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