Green Smoothie Adventure


A few months ago I watched a documentary called Food Matters. Its main point was to show how food can play such an important role in the various illnesses/diseases of your body. Watching it made me realize that some natural ways to help the pain you feel in your body can help more than just simply taking pills, which can cause side effects and never really prevents the pain. It’s really frustrating to go to the doctor and all they have as a solution to your pain is drugs….and if those drugs don’t work….more drugs…and if those don’t’re screwed. There’s never one solution to every illness, but  sometimes eating the right foods can knock out many different illnesses. But not a lot of doctors tell you that, because then pharmaceutical companies would be in major trouble, right? This movie made me think about the diet of the Prophet (s) versus our American diet today. Huge difference.  Today there are so many more problems with our skin, our bodies, our mental health and that’s mostly due to what we eat. This movie didn’t make me want to eat better all in one day, but it did open a door to healthy living.

After watching this movie I felt inspired to do more research.   Continue reading

Special Chicken Handi

I have yet to find a better title for this dish but this is where I first found it, originally by chef Rahat from Rahat Cooking. I changed the recipe as the original one calls for cream, coconut powder, extra julian ginger and more yogurt. I made it without that and it turned out delicious. Also note that I am using twice as much chicken as the original recipe which is why I doubled some of the ingredients. This dish is one of my favorites!! Hope you all enjoy it. Continue reading

The Infamous Cake Rusk Recipe


My Khala (mom’s sister) is known to always have these delicious cake rusks at her house every time we go over to visit. This time I made sure to ask her for the recipe as I have been so excited to try to bake it. So FINALLY I made her infamous Rusk Cakes and they were delicious! For those of you who don’t know, Cake Rusk is similar to the Italian Biscotti. It is usually eaten with a cup of chai for breakfast and is not heavily sweet.

There are different versions of the recipe but this one was the most simple and easy one to make, plus I had all the ingredients already so maybe that was why. 😉 Continue reading

Pakistani Street Food Party

Asalaamu Alaykum Readers!

Ever got bored with cooking and eating the same thing over and over again?  Ever dream of some exotic meal but couldn’t figure out what it was your taste buds craved? Well I had this dilemma last weekend and I didn’t want to eat the traditional meals I always cook.  I was craving something chut pati (tangy, spicy) so I went on Shaykh Google and made three things from recipes I found.  Then I realized that all of these things can be classified as what I like to  call “Pakistani Street Foods”. Which is exactly what I said to my sister when she woke up: “Hey, we’re having Pakistani street food today!” Here are the recipes and pictures from my cooking adventure below. Continue reading

Chicken Qorma Recipe


This is a great chicken qorma recipe which is basically chicken in spices and gravy made from onions and yogurt. It’s great for special occasion dinners or just something different you may want to try. Before making anything of course always say Bismillah-irahmaan-iraheem. In the name of Allah most gracious, most merciful, so that you start in His name and add barakah (blessing) to your food! Continue reading

Tea Cake Just For My Sake


A few days ago Saman and I were wondering what to make for dessert for our best friends who were coming over. The problem? We didn’t really have any ingredients for the things we wanted to make. So, obviously we looked on Pioneer Woman’s blog and checked out what choices we had. Finally we found one titled “The Best Coffee Cake. Ever.” And it turns out, every ingredient in the recipe was in our pantry, Alhamdulllah. (And it really was the best coffee cake. Ever.)

Let’s get started.  Continue reading