Arfa Karim Randhawa 1995-2012

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oon. Arfa Karim, the computer programming prodigy who became the world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional at 9 years old, has passed away at the age of 16.

Here is an article with more information on her achievements and her life. Original article can be found here:


Lahore—Computer programming prodigy Arfa Karim Randhawa died at a hospital in Lahore on Saturday night.

The 16-year-old girl, who seven years ago became the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional in the world, was on life support after suffering an epileptic attack. She remained hospitalised for 26 days. Her funeral prayers will be offered at Cavalry Ground in Lahore Cantt at 10AM today. The software genius will laid to rest in Faisalabad village of Ram Divali.

MicroSoft founder Bill Gates had also offered special assistance for Arfa’s treatment. But she could not be shifted to the US due to her critical condition. The great Arfa was only nine years, nine months and 11 days old when she became the world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional — a qualification usually gained by IT professional and software developers — after demonstrating her proficiency with the company’s software. She was invited by Bill Gates to visit the Microsoft Headquarters in USA. She also wrote a poem about Bill Gates.  Continue reading

How To NOT Get Kicked Off Your Next Flight


How to not get kicked off your next flight:

The following are all helpful tips I have gathered from different incidents that have occurred to Muslims on airplane flights.

  1. If you own a cell phone, don’t act like you do. In other words, don’t touch the cell.
  2. Make eye contact with those who are staring at you suspiciously and smile. Not too hard, but not too soft either. It has to be just right or there will be chaos.
  3. Do not look around at signs, exits, the cockpit, or flight attendants for more than 1 second.
  4. Don’t take off your seat belt when the seat belt sign comes off. People will think you are up to something.
  5. If you are a male, do not wear cologne, but don’t smell bad either. The scent might make some people high and think that you are a terrorist trying to drug them. Connect the dots and don’t be stupid.
  6. Don’t stand up during your flight. See #4 . Shake off your charlie horse or cramps in your legs when no one is looking. If not, live with it. No pain no gain.
  7. Do not recite any Qur’an verses to yourself, or worse, out loud. This also implies you can’t pray either, that should’ve been obvious.
  8. If someone is sitting next to you, do not try to talk to them first. If they don’t talk to you the entire flight, it’s most likely they are scared of you, so try not to move at all during the flight.
  9. Don’t go to the bathroom. If your flight is 14 hours long, don’t drink or eat during this time. This takes training just like #5.
  10. Try your best not to look anxious or worried, but don’t look too relaxed either. Look up images of people with Botox and imitate those facial expressions.
  11. Go to sleep as soon as you can so people don’t think you’re up to something. If your flight is 3 hours or less, act like you’re sleeping, but don’t blink while doing it or that will be even more suspicious.
  12. Don’t ask the flight attendants for anything unusual or that could be taken as unusual such as water, nuts, or an extra napkin.
  13. Try not to fidget around so much and don’t mess with any article of clothing. Resist the urge to scratch your nose.
  14. If you wear a hijab, don’t wear a pin. If the hijab falls off, at least you didn’t get kicked off, right? Weigh the pros and cons and you’ll see what I mean.
  15. If you have a beard, don’t stroke it like the wise man you are. That is for evening dinners with friends. 
  16. And lastly, hold your breath the entire flight. This also takes practice and conditioning beforehand. Don’t worry, it is (im)possible.

Have a great flight!

If you’re a Muslim or look Muslim (what does that mean? I don’t know either), don’t let Islamophobia ruin your day or your life. Having Islam in your heart is the best thing you have done with yourself. Be proud of it. Don’t let go of it because of other people. Don’t let other people live your life the way they think it should be lived, no matter where you live or where you were born. Give effective Dawah to people so they can see for themselves who Muslims really are. If you have Allah, you have everything. So don’t worry about it, just relax and BREATHE. 😉

*Disclaimer: This post was written in a sarcastic manner to poke fun in light of recent events around the world regarding Islamophobia. These tips are not meant to be taken seriously at all nor are they here to evoke in any controversies regarding flights. There is no hidden message behind this, it’s just to make you (hopefully) smile/laugh.

Remembering Mughees & Muneeb

There are some news stories that one can quickly forget the next day, however this one will always be remembered as this is one of the few I can hardly wrap my mind around to even try to comprehend. As there are now approximately 4 months left until the blessed month of Ramadan, I cannot help but think about what happened last Ramadan in Sialkot, Pakistan. Last year on August 15th, 2010, also the 4th day of Ramadan, two brothers; Mughees and Muneeb Butt were brutally murdered in a mob killing in Sialkot and then subsequently lynched. To make matters more sick, the killing was witnessed by a huge crowd of people, including policemen, who did not even try to stop the fighting. This entire scene was also recorded on several cell phones and was broadcast on TV News stations across the country.

At the time this occurred there were several different stories on why they were beaten to death but I don’t think the people who did this are even capable of being asked as to why they did this. Even if we were to take justice in our own hands, these two teen boys would have had to do something insanely cruel to have these ghastly results. After reading the very few updates to the criminal case and trial, I have been wanting to write on the story and to bring more awareness to the issues at hand. Continue reading

Hypocrisy at its Best

It’s very sad to see how much hate is spreading due to ignorance and propaganda against Muslims. The fact that Rep. Peter King had a hearing to promote this Red Scare is even worse for the Muslim community living in the U.S. King says that homegrown terrorism is on the rise and US Muslims are not doing enough to stop it.

An important fact to note is that Peter King himself has been a major advocate of the Irish Republic Army, which the U.S and British governments have labeled a terrorist organization. When asked about what his response to people calling King’s actions hypocritical, he states that those people are simply “uninformed”. To really explain his thinking towards his support for the IRA and his calling for all Muslims to do more to denounce terrorist in the U.S, John Oliver from the Daily Show explains it best:—ira-terrorism

“Wow, it’s not enough for Muslims to be law abiding. To avoid congressional investigation, they have to be actively stopping terror plots. Oh my god, wait until they find out I’ve done nothing to stop the West Bank Settlements.” -Jon Stewart

Update on LAPD Case


“Federal jury rejects former officer Joseph Cruz’s account of the March 2008 shooting that killed Mohammad Usman Chaudhry, a 21-year-old autistic man.”

JazakumAllah khairun for all your du’aas. Please continue to make du’aa for him and his family. May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala grant his family patience during this time. Ameen.

Here’s the full story on the jury’s verdict:,0,4233346.story

LA Times: “L.A Defends Officer Who Was Fired For Dishonesty”

“The family of an autistic man the policeman shot claims the death was wrongful, and the city attorney’s office is opposing that argument at trial. The LAPD has ousted the officer over a different case.”

Read the full article on LA Times here: LAPD wrongful death case: L.A. defends officer who was fired for dishonesty –

Please keep this family in your du’aas. JazakumAllah khairun

The Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم  said, “The supplication of a Muslim for his brother in his absence will certainly be answered. Every time he makes a supplication for good for his brother, the angel appointed for this particular task says: `Ameen! May it be for you, too’.” [Muslim].